Beard Land offers a range of fun, funky beard balms and oils.
And now beard-friendly face coverings, all handmade.

There are also limited-edition accessories; so when they’re gone, they’re gone!

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It’s crazy times now. One of the things that we at beardland are aware of is how everybody needs to mask up. For you, for us and everybody else.

The problem is, there’s not much out there that goes beard in mask with having a beard. It sticks out of the bottom or – GASP! – you’ve had to get rid of it.


These face coverings will comfortably accommodate anything up to three inches of beard. And we make bigger ones for bigger beards. All you have to do is tell us how big.

…and for your non-mask days

Citrus, Cherry and Menthe Editions


Each 50ml tin gives a gentle hold with a fun scent. Good for giving a little hold and shape to short to medium-length beards.

The same scents, just oilier.


Whereas these 30ml bottles of oils are perfect if you find balms a little too thick for your beard, or there’s just too much of it.

Peach wood combs and branded beard boar bristle brushes



With a bamboo base and boar bristles, these brushes are a perfect fit for the tins and can be used as applicator brushes or just for a brush for that beard.


These face coverings are designed to provide basic recommended cover for the nose, mouth and beard being, at minimum, two layers of fabric. All are made with nose wire channel and the option to add a generic filter panel. Nevertheless, they are not sold as PPE, nor do they meet any N or FPP ratings, and no inference of such should be made.

Hand-made batches

…so there may be occasional some variance in scent. If you think your tin of balm or bottle of oil isn’t minty, citrussy or cherry-ey(?) enough, get in touch. The contact form is below.

But if you love this stuff do of course let me know too!

CSPR/Safety Notice

Beard Land balms and oils hold a CSPR certification, (RW211114BBCPSR). Full details are available on request. However please note that a) all balms and oils are made to <2% dilution and b) do by their nature contain nut products (nut oils in semi-solid and liquid form). Care is therefore advised if these are allergens you react to.


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