Made from vintage Star Wars-themed fabric, these masks are polycotton with a cotton liner, come with a pouch for a generic carbon filter and funky red nosewire.

They are also INCREDIBLY LIMITED. And, by extension, unique.

here they are

handmade MASKS

Standard and custom sizes

These face coverings are three layer with a 100% cotton lining and an option for a generic charcoal filter and a nose wire for comfort. These are supplied. Fabrics used for outers include linen, cotton and poly cotton mixes.

They sit high across the bridge of the nose; we know some bearded spectacle wearers out there and there’s nothing worse than a steam up in an ill-fitting mask. That’s why these came to be, but any face will find them comfortable. They have light under chin elastication to keep them close to the neckline and rear of the beard.

The fabrics are limited edition; when they’re gone, they’re gone.

But don’t worry, the shop will be regularly updated with new funky, distinctive fabrics to make the best beard masks out there. Well, we think they are.

They also have a unique (as we came up with it; at least until it gets copied somewhere) tie and elastic system for additional fit and comfort.

You can cram a (so we’re currently aware) three-to four inch beard in to one of these.

Want bigger? Wow.

Okay, keep scrolling


Beard too big for those? No sweat.

When you order a custom mask, we’ll be in touch to ask you what material you would like and more importantly, how big the beard in question is.

Each is handmade and features the distinctive darted facepiece, the nose wire casing and filter pocket and most importantly, a full elasticated pocket for the length of beard specified.

With that, along with the elasti-tie fastening, we’re told that they’re “comfortable”

And for the days off…

Look after that beard with an oil or a balm, why not?


These face coverings are designed to provide basic recommended cover for the nose, mouth and beard being, at minimum, two layers of fabric. All are made with a nose wire channel and the option to add a generic filter panel. Nevertheless, they are not sold as PPE, nor do they meet any N or FPP ratings, and no inference of such should be made.

CSPR bit

Beard Land balms and oils hold a CSPR certification, (RW211114BBCPSR). Full details are available on request. However please note that a) all balms and oils are made to <2% dilution and b) do by their nature contain nut products (nut oils in semi-solid and liquid form). Care is therefore advised if these are allergens you react to.

Hand-made batches

…so there may be occasional some variance in scent. If you think your tin of balm or bottle of oil isn’t minty, citrussy or cherry-ey(?) enough, get in touch. The contact form is below.

But if you love this stuff do of course let me know too!


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